Science - Black Hole created in laboratory

Science - Reading, discussing, creating and discovering all about a black hole created in laboratory

This Project is about a science article.

A Black molecular Hole created in a laboratory.
This raises some interesting questions.......

Science - Reading, discussing, creating and discovering all about a black hole created in laboratory

Important NOTE:

This project can be done by yourself or with a group.

This project has been set up for supervisors, coaches, parents or teachers to present to their group, but it can very well be done on your own. You just need to discard all the parent and teacher information papers.

As a parent, supervisor, coach or primary/secondary-teacher you will find enough information (like a project plan) to help you create this project for your group.

I hope you have a lot of fun on this project!

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Content of the Project:
This project aims at increasing knowledge and understanding by means of the following methods:
Read comprehension
Language - writing
To learn and use various research methods
Organization of information
Participation in discussions, work assignments and / or constructions
Being part of a team and working independently

Attached is a comprehensive project plan. These can be used when you set up this project. You can of course also choose to give this project in your own way.
It's what they get from the project, not how much information they can write or tell.
Ultimately, the students do not have to remember details like names and / or data from etc ... that's fun, but that's why we for example invented Google ;)
It is more important that they understand it.
That they understand what they can achieve with the different methods of science. Today!

Included are:

Project workbook 69 pages
Project plan for supervisors 22 pages
Project letter for supervisors 4 pages
Project letter for parents 4 pages
Extra practice papers - history 10 pages
Extra practice papers - mathematics 11 pages
Extra practice papers - geografy 27 pages

Your Instructor

Anna van Dooren
Anna van Dooren

I would like to introduce myself and 4 NEONINOS (study your way) ;

My name is Anna van Dooren and I recently moved to Dénia together with my two youngest children.
We are Dutch and are rapidly learning the Spanish languages.

I am a mother of 4 children and a grandmother of 1. My oldest 2 children still live in the Netherlands and are both studying. My oldest daughter studies International IT management and my oldest son studies ICT hardware and recently took up Trading. In fact my oldest daughter helped to create my website! She has her own company ONLINEPANDA.NL, please do check it out!

I come from a technical career, working at TU-Delft, TNO and ROTEB, but as years gone by my focus changed direction.
My children always ran into problems at school. I think this will sound very familiar to many parents and schools in one way or the other.

So I went back to studying for another few years. This time to be prepared and to learn all that might be needed to help children with their learning/ study problems.

And I am happy I did!

My youngest son ran into school problems at the very beginning.
He was so happy to finally start school at almost 4. He reading and writing at 3 as like my oldest children, which meant for me this was not weird or not normal. So I didn’t think much of it. But 6 months later he refused to go! He cried for hours and he got very sad and depressed. He lost all his curiosity in the world and lost his happiness.
Within 6 months he turned from a happy, chatty, curious little boy into a screaming, kicking and crying little boy who refused to do anything any more. In the end he wasn’t able to function normally, he was even afraid of going to the bathroom by himself. He lost everything he ever was before going to school.

Now this might sound as an extreme story.
Not all children have these huge problems with studying or school. Most children are quit happy going to school, but at times some help can be needed to get them on the right learning track again.

In this I offer my help;
For advice or for full courses which the children can receive to help them on their way again to be fully curious!
Please do check my website for info on the courses and more!
Here you will find a list of studies I recently took:

Teaching English Abroad Date 2017
Didactic support for the primary school teacher Date 2016
Pedagogy Date 2016
Teaching assistant Date 2016
Child Psychology Date 2016
Children’s Coach Date 2016
Trainer “I learn to learn” Date 2016
Talent Development in the Classroom Date 2016
Local Politics Date 2013
Practical Psychology Date 2012
Stress-management Date 2012

As you can see I am also able to teach. If asked I can teach languages or some projects, but for most I am an adviser / a coach.

I thank you for your time

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